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GIW® LCC Pump Series - Reliability Always Pays Off.

A Reliable Pump That Can Handle Big Jobs.

The GIW® LCC pump is your best option for high efficiency, low maintenance and the lowest total cost of ownership. It was built to tackle heavy-lcc-rubber-slurry-pump--1--originalduty applications and is capable of handling slurries with highly abrasive and/or corrosive contents. Customers can select from a variety of pumps within the LCC family (see family below) to meet their operational requirements. 

All LCC pumps utilize the latest in wear-resistant alloys and hydraulic technology to take on nearly any pumping challenge, including mineral processing, chemical slurry service, secondary mill grinding, and more. However, they can also be used in such operations as environmental cleanup, dewatering, food processing, and ash handling.

Meet the LCC pump family. 

Technical Data

Meet the LCC Family.


GIW Slurry Pump LCC-MGIW Slurry Pump LCC-RGIW Slurry Pump LLC-H


LCC-M (Metal Series)

Pumps in the LCC-M series are designed to process slurries containing a wide range of particle sizes, as well as slurries with high-discharge head. Learn more

LCC-R (Rubber Series)

Pumps in the LCC-R series are most suited to slurries with fine particle sizes, corrosive contents, and slurries with moderate discharge head. Learn more.

LCC-H (Heavy Duty Series)

Pumps in the LCC-H series are the toughest, most rugged members of the LCC family. Learn more.