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Best In Class Pumps for Aggressive Slurries

What makes the GIW® MDX a best-in-class mill circuit pump?

The GIW® Mill Duty Extra Heavy (MDX) product line's superior hydraulics, advanced materials, and local aftermarket support make it the best in class pump for aggressive slurry applications. Not to mention its many other features and customer benefits.

Is the MDX the right fit for your mill circuit? Let's find out.

When Size Matters, Get the MDX-850

New, Larger Addition to the GIW® MDX Line

Mining operators are seeing an increased demand for minerals and ores. Operators must now consider the costs of pump maintenance and replacement as well as the cost-benefit of utilizing fewer larger pumps versus several smaller pumps to perform the same work.

The larger MDX-850 is the solution for operators who need to reach higher production levels while maintaining a lower total cost of ownership. The MDX is widely considered the best cyclone feed pump available for the mining industry, so extending the MDX product line was a natural choice. KSB is well-positioned to handle the market need for larger slurry pumps. Through our newly expanded facility and global service network, we are one of the very few companies that can develop, manufacture, supply, and support pumps of this size.

2021 GM-MDX Cover Page
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Pump Wear Monitoring Technology

GIW® SLYsight

GIW® SLYsight provides pump wear analytics using custom sensors at strategic locations to measure the actual wear rate of a pump’s parts. This includes the internal clearance between the suction liner and the impeller, also known as the “nose gap.” GIW® SLYsight differs from competitor solutions in its ability to calculate the actual material loss rather than estimating the wear rate.

The data is collected by the sensors as the pump runs and is shared through periodic reports. This enhanced monitoring system provides real-time data during nose gap adjustments that not only adds to the pump’s maximum wear life but also allows operators to make an efficient and safe adjustment while the pump is operating. With GIW® SLYsight, customers are informed of exactly which parts need attention, when they require replacement, and how adjustments can be made safely.




Efficient pump operation in aggressive wear applications is only possible through precise pump clearance, or nose gap, adjustments. The manual adjustment process can take 3-4 hours per pump, resulting in higher maintenance costs. By adding the Remotely Adjusted Mechanical Suction Liner (RAMSL) technology to your MDX pump, the maintenance time will be reduced to just one minute per pump!

Watch the video to learn more about this technological enhancement.